Stop wasting time on diets and weight loss plans that don't work. Try Source's ULTIMATE 21-Day Transformation Program and get the results you’ve always wanted. This is the only program in San Diego offering PROVEN herbal supplements with clinical supervision and acupuncture.

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We'll help you craft a personalized weight loss experience. You will meet with a health coach who will give you kit and explain everything you need for the 21 days. Walk -in for your included acupuncture sessions anytime Monday - Saturday 9-1p and 3-7p.

No Counting Points or Calories

You will receive two acupuncture treatments a week to keep your metabolism going strong and to increase digestive and fat-burning capability. Your provided health guidebook has every meal and supplement planned out for you.

See Incredible Results

This program is designed specifically for the busy person's life. You will build lean muscle which keeps the pounds off and cravings down. And you will be supported every bit of the way to shedding the pounds and feeling amazing! People lose 2-3 pounds a week on average.

Did you know acupuncture has been proven to increase metabolism and digestive function so you can lose weight for good?

Included in this Signature Transformation, you receive 2 Weight Loss Acupuncture Sessions a week at Source Empowered Wellness

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See What Others Have To Say

I love, love, love the 21 Day Challenge! The acupuncture really helped reset my digestion- before I had a lot of gas an bloating and felt backed up. The kit has everything you need to take control of your health and start new habits. The guide that is included tells you everything you need to know to make a change. The vitamins are awesome, the shakes are delicious, and the price is a steal!

Anya M 

Wow, what a great kit with everything you could possibly need to succeed in 21 days! If you are ready to shred that fat then this kit is for you! I was able to lose 16.2 lbs and 6.5 inches with the TLS 21 day kit by simply following the tracking sheets that come with it. It was a great jump start as I continued to follow another TLS program after the success I had in 21 days. I followed rapid results program and was able to lose a total of 29.8 lbs and 20 inches (waist, hips, thigh & bicep) in 12 weeks ...

Aisha S

I love this kit! I'm petite (5 ft) but always had a tummy and was gaining weight. This challenge put me in shape and I lost 5.2 pounds, 3.35 body fat, 2.17 inches on my waist and even gained 2.0% muscle mass! People told me I don't need to lose but when I showed them my before and after picture they were surprised! After the challenge I feel great and confident. Even if you don't want to lose weight, this program is designed to gain lean muscle mass so you can tone up as well!

Rosanna L 

I've been very hesitant to make the commitment but as they say "anyone can do something for 21 days" I put down the beer and hoagies and jumped right in. Felt so good to drop about 7 pounds first week. Totally motivated me to join a Gym (LA Fitness) and complete next 14 days. Wow, lost 3.2 % body fat in 3 weeks. This was going into Thanksgiving! Ready to do second challenge first of the year and continuing my education of what to eat and how to burn fat. Losing weight is a science not a fad. Love this kit!!!

Bob S 

This kit has everything you need to start a diet or for a quick cleanup! If its not on the list to eat, you don't eat it! Simple! The acupuncture was so relaxing and I could really feel things moving. Great value - I love the blender bottle. I recommended this to my good friends who also had great success. I lost three pounds, but my friend lost 20!

Sarah and Daniel T

I've fluctuated up 20 and down 20 lbs for years. I had the will power but didn't know why the pounds kept creeping back. The health coaches and acupuncturists are all about education and being prepared to eat the right things. Learning about how the wrong choices set you back was surprising to me. Now I know how to eat and enjoy eating a lot more. I lost about 6 lbs and 6 inches during the 21 day challenge and now am losing 2 to 3 pounds a week. Special occasions don't worry me anymore as I don't want to go crazy and have a setback so I choose the better and limit the worse foods for me. Thank you!

Christine D